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Cape Town fills your senses

Rainbow Nation

There's nowhere like Cape Town, the oldest city in South Africa, perched between the mountain and the ocean, the Mother City. Being famous for more than 300 years of history still enjoyable nowadays and the world wide known Table Mountain, that is watchable from everywhere you stand in this city, it never really leaves you, just like keeping an eye on you. The national park is right in the city's heart and it's pretty impressive. If you leave the Table Mountain behind you, you will face the amazing Robben Island and your eyes will be spoiled by the beauty of Table Bay of golden beaches...

People's good hearts and simplicity in daily life,traditions and beliefs are the most attractive things in here, not to mention the natural beauties by which the city is spoiled, bountiful vineyards and incredible peace in general. Cape Town is very proud to be multicultural, you will find all religions living shoulder to shoulder in total peace, every one minds his own business, having laugh and enjoying life. If someone has a troubled history, that's South Africa, a place where Dutch colonists lived, African descendants and European Jewish immigrants, each of them bringing a unique flavour to add to Cape Town’s charm, a Rainbow Nation.

You might get confused once you get in here, apart the beauty you will see all around, the confusion will continue by seeing Cape Dutch homesteads and traditional dancers with painted faces performing on the streets, and the most exciting and exquisite spicy cuisine , accompanied with great wine from local vineyards. Afro chic decor spices up the city, with restaurants and bars, a charm of East City and Woodstock, maybe one of the most beautiful and characteristic metropolis I have ever seen. It's also interacted with organic markets and stock gift shops with great choice of attractive and particular souvenirs to bring home.

It's impossible to ever get bored or tired from Cape Town, once you have climbed in the Table Mountain, get a cruise to the Robben Island, which is by the way, the former home of Nelson Mandela and many others who fought and sacrificed against the apartheid government, there's the old prison complex and several very interesting museums of the island. Also famous and definitely not miss is the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, a scenic working harbour, offering tourists a great shopping experience if needed. Cape Town is the greenest of all, with Botanical Gardens and vineyards all around, with the presence of Table Mountain, which will remind you of how small human is against the nature's power, with the warm hearts of the citizens of Cape Town, cable cars still on use, there are so many unique things about this city, that you have to see with your own eyes!


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