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The best of Cape Town

Mother City of Africa

Yes, every city and country offers its visitors some diversity, but south Africa is special, it has it all, impressive mountains and gorgeous Rivers, the penguins waddling all over the country, specially Cape Town. It's literally at southern end of the continent the most epic one, diverse types of mother nature's generosity, so bring your cameras with you, it will be a challenge. What you are about to experience is unique and breathtaking, Cape Town will give you even more than promised, desserts and some of the most beautiful panoramas of the whole country, wildflowers and never ending singtime harmony all over the town.

Everyone have heard of the Mother City of Africa, yes, that's Cape Town, no doubt one of the most beautiful regions in the world. There is plenty of stuff to do for every kind of visitor, from outdoor activities and adventure to multitude indoor entertainment. The city provides many scenic wonders, impressive seascapes and beautiful vistas, you will fall in love with amazing coastal areas such as Camps Bay, Clifton, Llandudno, Bantry Bay and Hout Bay. It has a very colorful culture, so also the food reflect in that, a huge variety of restaurants, bars and cafes will spoil you, satisfying everyone's taste buds, from fast food to fancy places.

Cape Town is like never ending summer camp with all inclusive, music, hot summer nights, friendly people, international vibe, wrapped into beautiful culture and architecture. Golden beaches and stunning vineyards, that will just invite you straight to the culture of South Africa. It's so peaceful , like God's ear, no fights, Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Hindu shares the same land, living peacefully and proudly shoulder to shoulder. You can be anyone , from anywhere, once you are in Cape Town, you are more than excepted as individual, unique and beautiful creature, that's the sense of real liberty.

Two oceans meet on the coast of the Western Cape: the cold Atlantic Ocean is in the west, while the warmer Indian Ocean lies on the southern coast. The plankton-rich cold Benguela current flows along the west coast and is considered to be one of the world's richest fishing grounds. There are not enough words or photos, to describe Cape Town's beauty, there will be only your eyes and your mind to capture and experience the real beauty of this land.


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