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Symphony of wildflowers

Bountiful vineyards of Cape Town

While we travel, discover new places, we learn, that every country on this planet displays some diversity and uniqueness, once we arrive to South Africa, we realize that this continent has hippos in the Rivers and penguins in the capes, it might be at the end of world's most epic continent, but it's not the last at all. South Africa is a stunning place, where you can find yourself, entertain yourself and enjoy yourself and the country, iconic Table Mountain, National Park, fulfilled with zebras and dolphins.

Cape Town is the most alive city in South Africa, blessed with golden beaches, beautiful vineyards and colored houses, lining up on the streets, it's warm and marvellous, with an old charm that captures people's hearts. Table Mountain Nation Park is city's pride and the main attraction, but also many others are worth visiting, such us historic Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and Company's Gardens, hike, watch, feel and enjoy the beauty of Cape Town.

Also called The mother city, perfectly handling the title of The World Design Capital, Cape town has been under some serious's already a great looking metropolis, with brightly painted facades, from Muizenberg to the Afro-chic decor. It's very multicultural, with organic food markets, great bars and restaurants serving only the best there is, market gardens and gift shops,that attracts every passer by. The mix of cultures is not only about diverse cuisine and some traditions, we are talking big, such as religion, Muslim, jewish, Hindu and of course the traditional African beliefs, it's a fragile place that rarely has experience tranquillity and almost every grandma and grandpa has a heartbreaking story to tell, so listen carefully what those folks have to say, you might learn something.

Cape Town remains one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, blessed with diverse and stunning nature, where you will never break a sweat, even climbing up to Lion's Head, it's relaxing and gives you the best vistas ever. Once you are tired, sit down and sip a glass of wine, still not enough? Well, you can also watch whales or organize a shark cave diving for you adrenaline...


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